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Posted 10/28/2023

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Neovim has completely changed the way I code. If there is one tool that started my transition to feeling like a 100x developer, it is Neovim. Even if you end up going back to VSCode, Neovim is something that I think every developer should try. Not only are vim motions a good thing to know in general, but the process of setting up Neovim, adding / configuring plugs, and understanding how everything works is an invaluable skill.

If you are interested in some boilerplate for Neovim, you can check out my dotfiles. It is a bit heavy, but it currently does everything I need. Eventually I would like to move to a much simpler configuration with less plugins, but that will be for another day.

Arch Linux

Arch is another thing I think most developers should try, or at least some form Linux. Understanding how your operating system works under the hood makes debugging other problems far easier. Using Linux as a developer also gives you all of the amazing tools that developers have built over the years, right at your fingertips. Learn the command line, learn some Linux.


AwesomeWM is a great window manager. Its in my dotfiles too. To be honest I haven't tried other WM's, however as soon as I switch to an AMD GPU I would love to try out wayland.


Another game changer for being productive, Wireguard lets me ssh into my PC, Laptop, cloud servers, and even phone from anywhere in the world. I use a tiny Linode server in the cloud as a static IP address and host, and then connect all my devices to the vpn. Add some SSH keys to each device and boom, you have yourself a personal little network.

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