Hey there!
I'm josh.

I'm a software engineer based out of Austin TX. I am currently the Software Lead at Manifold Labs, where we are building the future of search Check our current project, Sybil!

Past Work

From mid 2022 to 2024 I was proudly the CTO at Biblish, where we built the home of literature for the 21st century. During my time at biblish we launched Papertrail and Submissions.

In 2023 I formed my own LLC called Brunus Labs to take on contract work. Since I started Brunus we[1] have built from internal time tracking applications, lightweight POS systems, all the way to discord bots and Marketing sites.

Before Brunus Labs I was a Web and Application Developer at Cleveland Clinic. I created multiple web applications, one of which to this day saves the clinic more than 30k per year in licensing fees. I also moved all of our teams projects from TFVC to git, along with being the first to introduce and setup CICD, including automatic deployments, concurrent builds, code linting, and more.

[1]: I was able to hire 3 of my friends under Brunus Labs during college. Matt, Ahmed and Will helped tremendously in not only building Brunus Labs but also helping me become the developer I am today.

Personal Background

Born and raised in Ohio, I always loved computers and technology. I first was introduced to programming in 6th grade where I started writing DOS shell scripts on my schools computers. I got introduced to python the following year where I found my love for programming and solving interesting problems.

I went on to attended the University of Akron, where I achieved

  • Bachelors of Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelors of Computer Science
  • Minor in Statistics
  • Minor in Business Administration

What I'm about

I love motivating people to build cool stuff, and encourage people to never stop learning. I like giving talks to classes at universities, and being involved in the tech community. If your interested in having me talk at your university or other event, shoot me an email!

I also love helping out with open source projects where I can. You can find some of my contributions in uploadthing and MDX Editor.

Outside of technology, I really love longboarding, working out, and spending time with my friends & meeting new people along the way.

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